Do you know
how incredible your body
is designed to feel?

Bliss Co


With my passion for herbal medicine and digestive health I created a range of organic products to help you discover your BLISS.

BLISS is the inspired step you take each day towards vibrant health.

Bliss Co


Harnessing a holistic approach to healing and naturopathic teachings my philosophy is simple: “Good health starts with good digestion”. I believe in nourishing the body from the inside out. All of my  herbal teas and lifestyle products are 100% organic, hand blended and therapeutic.

Bliss Co


To create a world where every woman feels empowered. Since launching in 2012 I have helped thousands of women say goodbye to: Bloating, IBS symptoms, fatigue, 3pm sugar cravings, acne and eczema.

Bliss Co


After being introduced to David Batstone, Founder of Not For Sale, I learnt that 30 million men, women and children are exposed to human trafficking. Eagar to learn more I traveled to Thailand to visit one of Not For Sales projects – A children’s home that provides safety, stability and education to over 150 children rescued from exploitation. During my time with the children we played sport, danced, hiked and sang – A truly life changing experience.

As a result of the trip, I decided to partner with Not For Sale and provide a portion of BlissCo’s profits to empower those at risk.

Learn more and join us in the fight against modern slavery at

Bliss Co


Could your bloating be linked to your breakouts? YES!

Digestive health plays a key roll in how your skin looks and feels. We recognize this important link and provide a holistic approach to enhancing digestion, supporting detoxification and healing the skin via our organic herbal tea blends.